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Impressing my girlfriend with flowers

I work away a lot and I miss a lot of important dates with my girlfriend, like our anniversary and Valentine's Day. I wish I could be with her on those special days but sometimes I have to be away. I'm working hard to make a future for us both and I know that she feels happy when I send her flowers on those days because it shows that I am thinking of her. This blog has some of the pictures of the flowers I have sent her from different florists and I hope that inspires some other boyfriends to send their girlfriends beautiful floral arrangements.


Let Flowers Speak What Your Tongue Won’t Elucidate

9 September 2019
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No matter the reason behind the flowers you send or the event for which you send them, you can't dispute this one thing: flowers bring happiness! Giving flowers as a gift is an unending tradition in cultures across the globe even though people gift them for different reasons. However, the flowers you choose will impact the life of the recipient positively in a big way, especially if you obtained them from a professional florist. Read More …