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Impressing my girlfriend with flowers

I work away a lot and I miss a lot of important dates with my girlfriend, like our anniversary and Valentine's Day. I wish I could be with her on those special days but sometimes I have to be away. I'm working hard to make a future for us both and I know that she feels happy when I send her flowers on those days because it shows that I am thinking of her. This blog has some of the pictures of the flowers I have sent her from different florists and I hope that inspires some other boyfriends to send their girlfriends beautiful floral arrangements.


Crucial Tips for Providing the Best Care to Your Terrarium

20 July 2018
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Although terrariums are a relatively new concept, their stylish appearance and contemporary appeal have made them a favourite d├ęcor element in modern homes. And the fact that you could either build one yourself or purchase one from your local florist makes them a great option if you want to add something unique yet inexpensive in your home. However, while terrariums are low maintenance, they do need some special care if your plants are to thrive. Read More …