Three Ways To Make This Christmas More Special For Your Loved One

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I work away a lot and I miss a lot of important dates with my girlfriend, like our anniversary and Valentine's Day. I wish I could be with her on those special days but sometimes I have to be away. I'm working hard to make a future for us both and I know that she feels happy when I send her flowers on those days because it shows that I am thinking of her. This blog has some of the pictures of the flowers I have sent her from different florists and I hope that inspires some other boyfriends to send their girlfriends beautiful floral arrangements.


Three Ways To Make This Christmas More Special For Your Loved One

12 December 2019
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Christmas is known as the time for giving gifts, but trying to come up with new ways to surprise loved ones you have known for decades can become a bit tricky. Sometimes it takes a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking to come up with a present that doesn't cost an arm and a leg but is still personal and means something. This Christmas, why not try and make it a bit more special for those whom you are around 365 days a year and show just how much they mean to you. Here are three ways you can do that on a budget.

Imported Candy

There are millions of people who live in Australia who were born overseas and who often long for a taste from home. Even in the modern age we live in, it can be quite hard to export food from overseas to Australia due to strict quarantine laws. However, candy is often much easier to import because of how processed it is. There are several companies that offer an import/export option from almost anywhere, which means you can get your item delivered locally to that warehouse, who can repack it and ship it internationally to you. Remember to do this as early as possible, otherwise it may not be here in time.

Celebrity Shout Out

Having a celebrity crush or idol is quite normal but often people love the most obscure people that appeared only briefly in the public eye. Perhaps it is a person who was on one or two episodes of Survivor or another reality show. Maybe it is a favourite cult sporting icon. Whatever the case, there are several ways to get in contact with celebrities to get a short video shout out and most of them (especially the lesser-known ones) love getting these requests.


Most people think about going to a florist for anniversaries or maybe a birthday, which makes them the perfect unique idea for Christmas. Flowers have an innate natural beauty that resonates with most people and the best part about them is that everyone has their own personal favourite design and options. That means you already most likely know what your loved one wants and it is as simple as picking it up from the local florist. If you want to make it a bit more extravagant, there are many choices for chocolate, vases and plush toys that work great as stocking fillers as well. Contact a florist near you to learn more.