Crucial Tips for Providing the Best Care to Your Terrarium

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Crucial Tips for Providing the Best Care to Your Terrarium

20 July 2018
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Although terrariums are a relatively new concept, their stylish appearance and contemporary appeal have made them a favourite décor element in modern homes. And the fact that you could either build one yourself or purchase one from your local florist makes them a great option if you want to add something unique yet inexpensive in your home. However, while terrariums are low maintenance, they do need some special care if your plants are to thrive. If it is your first time caring for a terrarium, it would be best to learn a few maintenance measures so that you can have your terrarium for as long as possible. So what are some of the crucial tips for providing the best care to your terrarium?

Avoid oversaturating your terrarium

One of the significant mistakes that newbie terrarium owners make is over-watering the plants with the intent of ensuring that they do not become dehydrated. However, it is very easy to oversaturate the plants. The first thing that should guide the frequency at which you water your terrarium is the size of the receptacle. Secondly, different plants will also have varying hydration needs, so it is best to check with your florist to learn what the ideal watering schedule is.

Address signs of mould immediately

The wet conditions inside your terrarium make it ideal for mould growth. Thus, it is essential to keep a sharp eye out for any signs of this fungus on the walls of the receptacle. The moment you do notice some black or green spores, you should use a clean cloth to wipe the terrarium clean. You should also take note that regular signs of potential mould infestations are an indicator of overwatering the terrarium, as the excess moisture starts to make the receptacle humid. You may want to consider airing out the terrarium for a couple of days until the stale water evaporates.

Keep the terrarium in a cool environment

You may be tempted to display your terrarium at a window, but this can wreak havoc to your plants. Since the receptacle is enclosed, direct exposure to sunlight can drastically increase the temperature inside the terrarium. As a result, your plants will steadily start to wither, and you find yourself having to replace them on a routine basis. On the same note, you should avoid keeping your terrarium in close proximity to heaters, vents and other appliances that may emit hot air.