Tips to Making Your Bouquet of Calla Lilies Last

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Tips to Making Your Bouquet of Calla Lilies Last

20 October 2017
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Characterised by the distinctive cone their single petals form as well as their protruding stamen, calla lily flowers are sought-after blooms for flower arrangements. Although commonly white, you can also get these flowers in a wide array of other hues, such as yellow, purple, pink and more. Calla lilies may be an excellent option for cut flowers, but they do need some care and maintenance if they are to stay fresh. If you have recently received some calla lilies, here are tips to help you keep your bouquet fresh for longer.

Refrain from touching the petals

It would be tempting to touch the petals of your flower; however, by running your fingers on the petals, you could be accelerating the rate at which the flowers discolour and die. Your fingers have oils and dirt on them, which would be transferred onto the petals. As a result, the petals start to brown prematurely, and your calla lilies will not be attractive for display. Instead, take special care to handle the blooms by their strong stalks. Alternatively, you could put on a pair of kitchen gloves when prepping the flowers for display.

Prep the vase you will store the flowers in

Since calla lilies need to stay hydrated, it is essential to put them in water as soon as you can. Start off by thoroughly cleaning the vase that you will store them in, as the blooms require a sanitised environment to thrive. Proceed to fill the vessel with enough water to adequately cover all the stalks of the bouquet, as these flowers tend to be quite thirsty. Once you have put your water in the vase, mix in the floral preservative that usually is included by the florist. If there was no floral preservative with your bouquet, you should mix some sugar in a cup of water and pour this solution into the vase. The sugar solution will provide nourishment for your blooms. It is also recommended to add a few drops of a bleaching agent into the water to help in killing bacteria and keeping the water cleaner for longer.

Trim the stalks

Usually, the ends of the stems will have started to deteriorate because cut calla lilies are not supposed to stay out of water. Thus, it is essential to trim these damaged ends off to facilitate proper soaking of water once the blooms are in the vase. When cutting the stalks, do so at an angle using a sharp knife. The sharper the blade, the better for your blooms, as the stems will not acquire damage in the process. Secondly, cutting the stalks at an angle helps in maximum absorption of water rather than the stems standing flat against the vase.