Tips When Choosing Flower Arrangements for Yourself or Someone Else

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Tips When Choosing Flower Arrangements for Yourself or Someone Else

9 October 2017
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Sending flowers to someone is a great way to brighten up their day or to mark any type of occasion, whether it's something sad or something to celebrate. You might also choose flower arrangements for yourself to brighten up your own day or to add some colour to a room! When you are ready to shop for a flower arrangement, note a few tips on how to choose the best one for yourself or for someone else.


If you're sending flowers to someone to mark a sad occasion, you may want to avoid bright, bold colours that seem cheerful, such as yellow or blue. Pink and red are often associated with love, so these might also be a poor choice. Instead, choose white lilies or carnations, and add in some greenery so the arrangement doesn't look dull and drab.

On the other hand, if you're choosing flowers for your own home and want to add some visual interest to a table, choose bold and bright colours rather than white. Note the colours in the artwork, furniture upholstery and drapery of the room, and choose one colour that coordinates, such as blue, yellow or shades of orange. This will ensure your flower arrangement stands out and adds the personality you want in that space.

The season

Consider how flower arrangements can fit certain seasons when making your selection. Tulips bloom in springtime, so choose these for an arrangement you send during spring months. Sunflowers are often associated with autumn, while poinsettias are often sent during Christmastime, so they may be associated with the winter season.


Flowers like carnations, roses and lilacs have a very strong fragrance; these can be good for large rooms where you may appreciate a slight flowery scent, but be careful of sending these blooms to a co-worker, as the scent may overpower their workspace. Someone may also have sensitivities to such fragrances and may even suffer an allergic reaction. Note, too, that such fragrances may bother someone while they're eating, so avoid these flowers if you're looking for an arrangement for your dining room table.


Flower arrangements for someone in the hospital or that will be on a co-worker's desk shouldn't be overly large, as they may take up too much space and get in the way of other items in the space. On the other hand, when choosing an arrangement for your home, invest in something large enough to be easily seen and that will stand out.